Hello and Welcome

Welcome to our new site.

My wife and I have talked about forever about doing something like this but she did not have any experience with the nuts and bolts of building a website so we have put it off… until now.
My name is Keith. I am an artist and graphic designer and I expect to be the main point of contact and content on this site but my wife, Tonya, will be making regular appearances as well. I will let her introduce herself in the near future. In the meantime, I am hoping to get this site filling up with content soon.

What to expect as we get started.

Like I said, I am an artist and designer. So, at least from me, You can expect to see a lot of art including graphite drawings, watercolor and acrylic paintings, ink drawings and more. I will also share work I do as a designer such as logo designs, poster illustrations, product designs and more there as well. Just anything visually creative. I will try to keep things organized into galleries and categories as best as I can.
As for Tonya, I expect her to share many other creative things we do such as crafting projects (she likes the Cricut machine), recipes (we both like to cook) and more. I’ll let her get into what she might want to do on here.

Big plans for the future

There is a lot to be done here before I get too far ahead of myself but I have some ideas for things to get into and hope to have the support to be able to get it all included. Here are a few of the things I have been thinking about adding in the future:

  • Creative Learning
    • Art tutorials
    • Graphic Design tutorials
  • Art Shop
    • Original Artwork
    • Prints
  • Other Services
    • Freelance Design
    • Commissioned Artwork

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